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Full text of "Some Observations Concerning the Organs of Generation, Made by Dr. Edmund King. a Fellow of the R. Society, and by Dr Regnerus De Grieff, Physitian in Holland; Which Later Occasioned the Publishing of the Former"

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Concerning the Organs rf Generation , ma^e hj Dr. Edmaad King^ 
a Fellow of the R. Society j andhj DrR^gn^x\isde Gvitfi^Phy'^ 
fttianinBplUndy which later cccafsoned th^ ^Mfhing of the 

7 he obfewations of the forme^L m Jhall here declare y as he 
frefented them m writing to the R. Soc. the 17th <?/ December 
1 658 5 which tvas as follows > 

YOa may remember 5 that about 5. weeks fince I brought 
the Tefiiculos CunictdorHm marium difle^ed ia feveral 
iliipes r, which app ar'd to ftveral 01 this illuftrious Company, 
asweilas tomyfclf, cobs indeed made up of Veffdsj and 
I then had particularly fhow'd them to M. Hook and fome o- 
thtrs, and the manner how they lay 5 whofccmM to be fully 
fttisfied by the help of a good Glafs, they then made ufe of. 
And being defired ^ to give in the Account in writing , lean- 
not but affirm here 5 that I find the V^fiTels in the Tefies of this 
kind of Animals to lye in round folds, in the manner of the 
little inttflinsj but both ends of each roll meeting at their {n- 
fertion, whxh feems to be made into the Dnifm Nervofm: 
And every one of thefe little rolls ar? very curioufly embroi-i 
dered with other vellcls^which I Judge to be Veins and Arte- 
ries by reafon oft hdrreddifli colour^ appearing in them even 
f3 the bare Eye, ' 

Thefe little rolls ly in ranges , hainng a kind of vni^i'mity 
not unpleafant to behold by a good light. But I do not mean, 
that every oneoftheferol'sis one tnnretube, b^tcHiiUls of 
manytiibss, befidcstheCid Embroidcrvot Veines ana Arte- 
ries: Fjr, whenlcuitoaeof the faid rolls tranlVe fe^ the:e 
feecn'd to me ( and fo, I rappofe, wil it do to any y that think 
it worth examining ^ ) 5* cJ, or more diftmd tubts n one rol! ^ 
contained as 'twere 5 iti one common mernkmi^U^ but tf^s 
fine texture and renderoersofthcmisfuch^ that they will n^t 
adm;t of expanfion in fucha manner, as (ome other Teflcs 
wiil^ andefpeciiliy as that of a i?.ii# is faid to doe by Dr de 

F I f f f 2 Graeff 

Gfdtff ( if we miftake him not ^ ) yet if it 'Hiall ipprare J that 
they are really made upof veiTels, thongh of never fo many 
lorts 5 I humbly conceive you will noc think the Experiment 
loft 5 becaufe I fuppofe the chief thing intended by thefe trials 
tobe^ th2t it may be well known , what indeed the Body of 
the teftes is made or • Whether indeed it be s Congeries oi Vef- 
f^!s and Liquors without any intermediate fubftance , as was 
slTertedby me to many of this Honorable Company^ feverai 
years agoe^ ccacening moft if not ai! parenchymous pares ^ 
wh;th wasinfertedia Namb. i8 of the?/;. Tranfacfions^ iiact 
wliichtlme I have made fiverJlEKperiments of t"e fame knd^ 
about the Te^es ^ the Pa^crc^ , and other fo efttem'd Glands ^^^ 
and as fjr as I have examined them ^ I find them to be oaly a 
Texture office Tubes or dufts , with mere o: lefs liquor^ with- 
out any other fubftance. 

B'it perceiving , the Tcfics offcveral Animals to be varioufj 
compofed and intertext^ l^wctQdQdadTe/licuhs Tauri^whiAi 
I have diflftiSed and ordered feveral waycs • fame boyled, o- 
thers broiled 5 others infufed in Spirit of wine , hot and cold 5 
C^^. and upon th: befl: examination, I can m ike , I cannot fee 
any of this intermediate fubilmce^ or indeed any thing eife, 
that is not Veflfel or Liquor. 

Now in obtfdi^nce to your c^mands, I hive added another 
Exoeri nent. sndthat isT^/?/V//// humani. (theexad knowledge 
of vt'hofe fabrick we fuppofe to be chiefly sinned atin this kind 
oflnqu'ry,) hoping to prove it ckarly, and pa haps to put it 
outof difpute 3 That k is nothing elf:.^ luii Congeries of Vef* 
fcls of various forts ^ aadrheirfcv-ral Liquors 5 and thit there 
isnofoch thiig as sn intermediate fubftince( by what namelb- 
ever \i be calFd •,) And to de nonftrate this^ I think^it will evi- 
dently appcare to the ba^e Eye 5 by what 
""secvig^ urthkhfepfi* I have here expanded, "^ which is the 

^!n ^hS'J^^Zhh!\ ^^''«e genu*n2 fubftance re(licult humani, 
of th/fj^mi ui\\% after the I mean , theB)dyofit^ atter the Tu- wiib ihk m -^^^ alhimnca IS removed, without any 

additiotior dmiinut on ^^ excepting only 
what Liquors aredryed up during the time of the Expanilon^ 

which coiuiuQC be prevented in making fuch aSchemeofir^ 


h this 15. And this Is continaed from one end to the othe r of 
theGbfSj on which y u Tee it exhibited ^ in feveril places ^ 
without bre kin; 5 which break ing yet does not at all prcjuci^e 
the truth of ch s Expei i nent. And although I had not time to 
open every part , which you fee f o be like that ful^ftance 5 I dt - 
m t, yet I can o d^v it fo , as to lliow you with eafc^ that that 
alfoi nothing but Crngeries of Vejflels 5 as aforefaid^not yu 0- 
pencd ^ fix on vyhat part you pleafe. 

And if ic fli :uld be obje(^ed ^ that this may be drawn out in- 
to /^r/^/^g'Vtflelsj whichyet n^ay not he really fuch* I an- 
fvver ^ that thefe VtiTels have the fame appearance in the Body 
ohhe Tefl is ^ as to denote them fuch^ before they arc draw^a 
outi and in the cxtenfion it does fometimesfo happen ^ that 
one of them w 11 extend eafily near halfe a yard long, before ic 
breaks , though fo ex ending delicate and tender , as you may 
imar ine : And when it is thus extended , it hath a kind of re- 
fembl mce of the corrugations of the Epididymis ^ and keeps the 
fame figureand magnitude in the whole extent of them^ as to 
the fight 5 unufs they begin todry^and then you may fee them 
loofe their giratiom upon ftretching : as you may fee of both 
forts on the Giafs above mentioned. 

And ifthegrea.teft part of thefe VefiTelsare Arteries^ or other 
V^ff dSjthat immediately rece've liquors from them-I may prove, 
I think, from another Ex )eriment 5 made by Injection into|a 
part of the ^r/m4fr^/4r/^;?j,bs:forel began to expand the Body 
of the Teftis •, whereupon opening the part, which IfaW dif- 
coloured , I found, that many of thefe Tubes had received fom« 
of the fine particles of that matter . wh:chl tinged my InjMed 
Spirit with. 

And to prevent another Objedion, that might arife, ^iz. 
That thefe particles might poffibly change their colour only 
cutwardly j lufed other endeavours to afliire my fclf, that the 
faid particles were indeed included within the Cavities of thefe 
tubes. In the doing of which, I did moiftt n thofe two Tubes 
wich Spirit of wine , to fee whether that would remove or a!- 
ler thoie particles 5 but finding no fuch thing , I prickt m o- 
pen*d with a fine needle part of the containing tube 5 v ere- 
»pon I faw iflue forth fevf ral of thofc liquid partidcsafore- men- 

tioned t Which affares me farther chat this is a mere Scheme or 
Coageries of veffcis, 

I have made feveral other Experiments of this kind ? about 
other parts of the Body 1 not to mention ch^ Mafcks, Heart, 
and Kidneys 5 beaufelfuppofej that few men will now under- 
take for a fdrenchym^i in them. An i »is I have opporcimity , I 
fliall ftiew 5 I hope 5 that all forts of Glands ( fa called ) are nor- 
thing elfe but Veffels (and their Liquors ) variouily wrought, 
and receptacles of feveral Liquors for divers ufes % the d iffc^rence 
ofwhich alters their Colour 5 Co fiftence c^^. MymeiningiSj 
that there is in no reputed G/^/^i^ny other thing, t^ati in the 
Body of the Teftis , n)iz. 7^ hat it hath not this or that inter- 
mediate fubftancejbnt that the Liq^ior^jreguUrly come an i goe 
to ani through them in fine tubes(in fachand fuch heaps and 
figu es 5 as may make them appeare fo and f(>form'd in feveral 
parrs or the Body 5 where they are fckuated 5 ) As alfo^ that 
the more confpicuous Veffels of the Body have other vefTeJs, 
that help to makeup their Coats, apJ fervcfor the nouriHi- 
ment ot the fame, befidesfuch, as import or export thofeli- 
quors/or the conveyance of which they weredefigned for com- 
mon ufe. But of this hereafter, ascccafionfliili ferve, 

Sofarr Dr King: As to Dr. de Graeffy we Hull deliver 
what he lately imparted to us upon this fubjed:^ m his own 
words 5 extraded out <f his Letter dited ^ulji%. 1669. ac 
Delft I accv)mpmied^//;^ Tefikuh Gliris ^([oluto ^ &tranfmi[l& 
mS^iritu vm% rcprefcntea in Fig. IL 

^md Clar. D, Clarck ait ^ Se farenchyma (^quod piccum 
qtund^m demtari dicit affufum vel effufnm & aliquomodoconcretum 
i'4 vafcukrum ^' fhilUrum inter (litiis ^ ) in Te^iculis viorum (^ 
diorum etiam animalium , teftimonio [enfuum cflcndere po(fe ; he 
Bgo^ facet ant iwri dixero ^ nonnifi Autopfia edoSius admittere 
fofjum. ^andoquidem fdpisfime Homimm alsorumque Animi- 
Itum te^iculos^exceftis tenuis fimis qmbu^dam memhramlu ^ it^ 
di^dvenm^ utneumhta qmdemfahs fare^chjmatis remmeret % 
imb ^ qmd magis e^ , quorundam Ammdmm te^iculos it a difol- 
n)i^uf vifm acie n^ qmdemmcmbramds ilia confficcrentur^ Et ut 
^erha medfacfis €omfr0htm ^ mitt§ adTe Gliris te^iculmnme^ 
m§d4 diffolutum '^ M vide as ^ m GlaniuU tales i^ TefUbusC^qim- 



ks fnfdnu cUr, Dn* Clark in Epift, fm^ iS, Maji. iS6^^ 
^rdnfdBiomhus Phikf^phids hjerta ) vet etiam Parenchjma fakj 
qt^a!emEpi(i. fm lo, Maji^ i66g, defer ibit ^ reperiatur. Jn 
huncfcri modt^mreliquorum Animdium Tefiiculos difehcre pof- 
pirn > ck tdmen diver fitate , ut in mnnnllorum Teftibus altqu^ 
membranu!^ tenuis ftm^ J & in quorundam ^ radtx praterea Epidi^ 
djmidis Highmori rcmmicat. 

So fair thefe two induftrious Phyfitkts^ which though it 
looks very fair to evince , that the Te^esoi Animals are made 
op of nothing bmVtflHs and their liquors , yet doth our Lear- 
ned and Inquifitive Dr. TimethjcUrck ^ and divers other In- 
genious and expert Anitomifts and Phyficians ftill doubt, whe- 
ther tfratbefo indeed , confidering that not only it cannot be 
denyed^ that this curious heap of Strings orfuppos'd Veffels 
wasatfirft cov'redallover wWi a Mucous matter (which in 
fo fine and tender a part may well be thought to ferve fora/4- 
renchymA ^ ) but tlfo that Monfieur deCraefmuH himfelf grantj, 
that in the faid part there arc found ccrtaiafmalM mbrans be- 
fides thofe VefTtls , he is alferting-fuch another fubftance being 
conceived to be highly neceflary to ferve for a medium , where- 
by that compounded liquor, which from the greater V^ff 1 paf- 
feth into the minme arteries , nerves and lympheduds of the 
ttftes^ may befecretei, and according to the different nature 

and figm-coftheirfevcral particles conveyed into thofe fcvcral 
fmall and fubtil v flfels. 

An Extract of a Letter 
Written b) the Learned Dr. William Darfton , Fhjpian at Pli- 
mouth , to the Right Bmordle the Lord Fice- Comt Br unckcr 
^s Prefdent of the R. Society 5 concerning a verjfudden andes^ 
ces five Swelling ofafVomans Br e a (is. 

My Lord 

IN^>bedience to the common ^s ofthe'Rieht Honorable the 
Lord Ambr^fTidour f( r Barbary^ I prefent y U' Lordfliip 
with a Fhdmonenon iin: matDr oi Udi in Nature^ wh'cli, for 
its rarity and piodigioulnefs, may, with aleffcT check to mc fiom 
your Lordfliip for the pr Jymption ^ and a kifcr regret for the 



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